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The Moonsea is a region in North Faerun. The region is dominated by the large titular sea that is connected to the Sea of Fallen Stars to the south by the river Lis. The shoreline is a wild, frontier area that is home to several city states dominated by despots. The region does not have a capital. The Moonsea is not necessarily a safe place to live and its settlers are driven and independent as a result.

The most notable of the city-states are Zhentil Keep (main base of operation for the Zhentarim) at the western end, the greatest base of operation of the once-secret society of the Zhentarim; Hillsfar (is a powerful city-state led by the wizard Maalthiir) lies in the southwest and Mulmaster (decadent sprawl riddled with crime and corruption) in the southeast; Melvaunt (a city of smithing and mercantile services, serving as the port of entry to many travelers coming to the region) rests on the northern side along with Phlan (a large town located on the northern shoreline of the Moonsea at the mouth of the Stojanow river). The Bell in the Deep is in a submerged city in the southern Moonsea. At times, nearby ships can hear the ghostly bell ring.

The Moonsea climate can be described as harsh and cold. People of the Moonsea are used to wearing cold-weather and other bulky clothes year-round.

The Moonsea region is a particularly dangerous one. There is risk at every turn from pirates, monsters, bandits and military conflicts. Most settlements are fortified and well-guarded, taking precautions to the point of not allowing visitors after dark. Coming from the old mountains to the north and the area’s titular lake, strange beasts attack from everywhere in the Moonsea. As the sea was once referred to as the Sea of Dragons, there are still dragon lairs littering the wilderness. Dragons still return here to mate.



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