Aberrant Intelligent Item

Awakened items from a brush with the Far Realm


Infused with sentience from the Far Realm, an Aberrant Item can be any previously inanimate and non-magical object. Such objects are Awakened and Animated and can be selected as an Item Familiar or Bonded item, etc. The exact effects are left to the Game Master but should be simple and in keeping with the item’s primary function or use. Aberrant Items gain mental ability scores, an Ego, item powers, etc., and are treated as Intelligent Items in many respects


Living Arrow
This deadly shaft will often sight along the arm of the archer about to unleash another arrow or bolt. As a move-action, the Living Arrow can be loosed and directed at a single target as a Ranged Touch Attack, modified by Dexterity and using the highest Base Attack Bonus with standard modifiers applied. The Damage from the living arrow is 2d8+2, plus any magical enhancements the arrow may have, has a critical threat range of 20 and a critical modifier of x3.

Living Coin
Often having the bust of a Ruler on one side, the coin is capable of seeing, hearing and even speaking in the native language of the minted coin. It has a movement of 10 and 10 Ranks in Jump.

Living Purse
Also known as a Bag of Devouring


Quintessence is to Time what the Baetyl is to the Far Realms. Thought to be meteorites, Baetyls are actually crystallized madness, insanity in its purest form. Radiating from the malign Baetyl is a palpable aura of madness and insanity (obviously), yet there is a sense of life to the object. The presence of a Baetyl is often a catalyst for many a mishap; the inanimate come alive, thought to thieve the spirits of the living close by.

Aberrant Intelligent Item

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