Spellfire Arcane School

Spellfire as a wizard’s “school”:

You trained your body and learned to harvest the raw magical energies into pure silvery-white flames.

Spellfire conversion (su)
You can absorb spells targeted at you (single target spells, spells that requires a ranged touch or melee touch attack) like a rod of absorption, with the expection that you can contain a number of levels equal to your caster level. You do not need to ready an action to absorb a spell, but you must be aware of the spell’s point of origin and you must not be caught flat-footed.

Absorption is not automatic. To absorb a spell, you must succeed a Constitution check versus the spell’s DC. If the spell does not have a DC, it is calculated as if it had one. If you succeed the check, the spell is absorbed into your body, while failure means that the spell affects you normally. You gain levels equal to the absorbed spell’s level, referred as “spellfire levels”. You cannot absorb spells if your body is at full level capacity, until you expend them (see below).

Spellfire flame (su)
You can expend spellfire levels as melee touch or ranged touch attacks as part of an attack action, much like you would wield weapon; it either manifests as a disruptive flash (melee) or as a flaming orb (ranged) that deals 1d6 per expended level that deals double damage on a critical hit. The orb has a range of 60 feet, with up to 5 range increments.

You decide how many levels you wish to use into each attack. For example, a 12th-level wizard with 12 spellfire levels could make a regular full-attack action with 2 attacks, each dealing 6d6 points of damage or the first attack dealing 10d6 and the second dealing 2d6. Using this ability does provoke attacks of opportunity.

Spellfire boost (su)
At 8th level, you can expend spellfire levels to enhance your own spells as a swift action in a round. You can enhance your spells by increasing your spell’s DC by +1 by expend spellfire level, by adding a +1 bonus by expend spellfire level for your caster level check to bypass spell resistance or by adding a +1 point of untyped damage by expend spellfire level. The damage bonus only applies for damage-dealing spells; in the case of spells like magic missile and scorching ray, the bonus only applies to the first missile/ray.

Selecting this school also substitute your bonus feats at 5th, 10th, 15 and 20th level. You get these abilities instead.

Spellfire healing (su)
At 5th level, you can expend spellfire levels to heal wounds. You may expend any number of levels with a melee touch as a standard action. Each expended spellfire level cures hit points equal to your Int modifier when used on living creatures and deals the same ammount on undead creatures.

Spellfire drain (su)
At 10th level, you can drain charges from magic items and convert them into spellfire levels. You must touch the item, as a melee touch attack, and make a Constitution check, much like you would do to absorb a spell. A DC 15 is required for single-charged items, like a potion, scroll or any one-time use item; a DC 20 is required for greater charged items, like wands, staves or any multiple-charged item; a DC of 30 is required for permanent magic items, like rings, gloves, boots, weapons or any other magic item without charges.

If the item is held, the carrier may make an opposed attack roll against yours and win it to prevent you from draining it. You may drain one charge equal to your Int modifier.

Spellfire flight (su)
At 15th level, you can expend spellfire levels to fly as per the fly spell. Each minuet spent with this ability active expend 1 spellfire level.

Spellfire crown (su)
At 20th level, you can expend spellfire levels to form a fiery halo above your head as a swift action. This halo grants Damage Reduction to magic equal to half your caster level, resistance to fire equal to 5 + your caster level and radiate light equal to the daylight spell and counts as a light spell of your caster level for the purpose of dispelling darkness spell. As a standard action, you may expend all your spellfire level into a destructive 20-foot radius burst that deals 1d6 per expended level. A Reflex save equal to 10 plus half of your caster level plus your Int modifier halves the damage.

Spellfire Arcane School

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