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OC Monthly Gamers have been gathering since the end of summer, 2010.

Out of twelve possible sessions, ten were successfully scheduled and attended by the majority of (recurring) players. During those ten game sessions a campaign set in Sigil regarding the Far Realms was completed. We allowed the Holidays to go without a scheduled session.

Presently, the group has undergone Character Creation in expectation of a new GM (drood) and campaign (Forgotten Realms / Harpers). The site remains in flux as were also transferring from a prior Game Scheduling site to our new home here at the Obsidian Portal.

Active Campaign: Harpers


As a result of the Harpers Campaign two Player Characters (Landers Reid and Uldayen Lainodel) have joined the forces of the ‘Void Between the Stars’; the Darkness God EREBUS.

Landers (now called NAZAR) has become the Avatar of EREBUS. He now leads the Gods forces, consisting of Shadar-Kai, Shades, Darkness Psuedo-Elementals. EREBUS’s allies include: Ghaunadaur forces that currently occupy Cormanthor (Oozes, Slimes, Jellies, Outcasts and Ropers), the Red Wizards of Thay (after EREBUS slew Szass Tam), Barbarian factions of Narfell, and the returned floating Shade City of Anauroch. Uldayen now possesses the Major Creare (one of the Nether Scrolls). These scrolls provided information on the construction of golems, wards, and even intelligent and sentient wards. They also discussed anti-magic and dead magic phenomenon). He is now the political advisor to Landers and leads a group of viscous elite spell casters; the Starless Ones.

Nazar offered all his adventurer companions a position with him…only Uldayen accepted. The others have all gone underground due to a hefty price on each of their heads. The Void Organization has destroyed the Harpers. Given the fact that both Landers and Uldayen have full working knowledge of Harper secrets and tactics. There are small pockets of Hapers throughout Faerun…but they too are hunted down.

The Zhents were the next group the Voids attacked. The attack came from within the Zhentarim organization…Selfaril Uoumdolphin (Hi-Blade of Mulmuster), Dhamir Ercals (Co-Leader of Darkhold), Xulla (Beholder – Caravan Lord of the Zhents) aided by Void agents assassinated the following Zhents: Fzoul Chembryl (Zhentarim Highlord), Lord Kandar Miliual (Lord of the Citadel of Raven), Buorstag Hlammythyl (Sheriff of Voonlar), Teldorn Darkhope (Lord of Mintar), Pereghost (Commander of Darkhold), Kara Chermosk (Military Leader of Tethyamar), Angus Materi (Captain of the Outriders of Darkhold), Captain Cvaal Daoran (Captain of the Brothers of the Black Fist).

Several Zhentarim members escaped the coup: Scyllua Darkhope (High Captain of the Zhentarim Armies), Darik Berskan (Protectorate of Yulash), Zerana Hellesk (Military Leader of Teshwave), Mura Kalavil (Leader of the Order of the Iron Gauntlet). Scyllua is gathering troops (in the Tortured Lands) in order to retake the Zhentil Keep and destroy the traitors.

Due to the War, the Church of Cyric and the Cult of the Dragon have formed an alliance to safeguard their investments. This alliance is shaky at best…but a necessary evil. Time will tell which group plunges the knife in the others back.

The FIRE KNIVES (Comyrian Assassin organization operating out of Westgate on the Dragon Coast) have taken this opportunity to attack the Cormyr Regent Alusair Obarskyr and her Purple Dragons. Causing much chaos for the Regent and her people.

Impiltur is under siege by the Narfellian Barbarians and the Red Wizards. Impiltur’s Navy (led by the confederacy of feudal lords) is holding on…but only slightly. They have asked the Star Elves of Aglarond for help. The Simbul and her arcane spell casters have responded by attacking the Zhents. This has weakened the number of forces the Zhents can deploy against Impiltur. Gareth Dragonsbane (Paladin King of Damara) is amassing his forces to assist Impiltur as well. Gareth has used the Silver Horn of Valhalla to summoned several barbarians from their afterlife in Warrior’s Rest to aid in this battle.

Several exports have become strained due to the Void War.
SEMBIA (occupied by Ghaunadaur’s forces) – Books, food, livestock, pottery, spiced sausage, silk, weapons, wine.
VAST (occupied by Ghaunadaur’s forces) – Copper, grain, iron, livestock, nickel, parchment, silver, textiles.

Waterdeep has become a safe haven (of sorts). The cities leaders have made a contract with NAZAR to allow him to use Waterdeep as a base for his troops. Nighttime has become very dangerous in Waterdeep. People are disappearing during the night never to be seen again. Chaos reigns on Faerun! Allies are few and far between.

UPDATE #1: IMPILTUR has fallen to the Barbarians and Red Wizards. Currently, the Narfellian Barbarians, Red Wizards and the New Zhents are invading VASSA & DAMARA (Gareth Dragonsbane).
UPDATE #2: IMPILTUR has been retaken bt the Star Elves Fleet. The Shades, Narfellian Barbarians, Red Wizards and the New Zhents conquered the VASSA & DAMARA (Gareth Dragonsbane has been killed) region.

The Purple Dragon forces in CORMYR were attacked by the Shade forces in ANAUROCH and the Ghaunadaurian forces in CORMANTHOR. And the THAY region is in disarray due to no leadership. (SIDE NOTE: The Shades develop a highly addicting drug named KEVRAX along with an antidote that is equally addictive). Barbarian tribes Narfell are now fighting each other due to constant power struggles among the tribes.
UPDATE #3: Void forces from VASSA & DAMARA laid waste to the Star Elves fleet in IMPILTUR. Ghaunadaur summoned five Gargantuan Oozes (Tertomorphs) to warp the Coasts of SEMBIA, TURMISH, GULTHMERE FOREST, and the DRAGON REACH.

The Purple Dragons soundly defeated the Shades in ANAUROCH. Two GOLDEN DRAGONS from the West confront & defeat the remaining forces of Ghaunadaur in CORMANTHOR. The two Golden Dragons use their magics to undo the damage Ghaunadaur has done the region of the Dalelands & Cormathor.

EREBUS teleports his remaining Shades forces to the Sands of ANAUROCH to destroy the invading Cormyrian forces. (SIDE NOTE: Areas where the Shade drug KEVRAX is widespread: Vaasa/Damara, Cormanthor/Dalelands and Impultur. Areas where KEVRAX is starting: Waterdeep, Amn, Sword Coast area.)
UPDATE #4: Ghaunadaur’s five Gargantuan Oozes (Tertomorphs) warped & altered the Coasts of SEMBIA, TURMISH, GULTHMERE FOREST, and the DRAGON REACH. The inhabitants of these areas are forever warped physically and mentally due to the Reality Warping powers of the Tertomorphs. AGLAROND is now the resting place of all five Tertomorphs; because of this Aglarond is now wasteland of strange angled cities and warped creatures (such as the Fey infested Yuirwoods). AGLAROND Exports (Copper, gems, grains, lumber, wine) has ceased due to this destruction. The region has been renamed “The Brittle Realm” due to the brittle nature of it’s structures & cities.

Uldayen (using the Nether Scroll) summons a large force of Golems and dispatches the two Golden Dragons (Uldayen’s forces surprised the Dragons as they were healing the Dalelands & CORMANTHOR). He now heads West to the Cult of the Dragon to form an alliance using the two bodies of the Golden Dragons as tribute.

The remaining Shades forces (in the Sands of ANAUROCH) have been completely destroyed by the Cormyrian Purple Dragon forces.
UPDATE #5: Uldayen’s gift (two Golden Dragon bones) to the Cult of the Dragon was successful. They have agreed to be his allies in the Void Wars.

Purple Dragons and Turmish troops (Humans and Dwarves; led by Lord Herengar) staged an attack to retake the Dalelands from Uldayen and Ghaunadaur. Turmish ships crossed the Sea of Fallen Stars to assist the Purple Dragons in their assault. Unbeknownst to Lord Herengar, the Sea Of Fallen Stars has been warped permanently by the Tertomorphs. Costing Lord Herengar several ships and thousands of troops. He had to retreat due to the loss. Beacuse of this, the Purple Dragon forces were wiped out.

The insane Red Dragon, TCHAZZAR (leader of Chessenta) launched a surprise attack upon the lands of Mulhorand. Wiping out its Nobility, priests, wizards and bureaucrats; adding Mulhorands military might to his own. Now that Tchazzar’s forces has increased, he has set his sights on Turmish in their weakened state.

The leaders of Waterdeep have agreed to an alliance with Nazar. Making Waterdeep a launching point for Nazar’s expansion into the Sword Coast.

The Moonshae Isles ruled by the High Queen Alicia Kendrick has begun mobilizing their troops.

The Eldreth Veluuthra Elves of Tethyr have also begun mobilizing their troops for war.

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